Boot Wash

Stand-alone boot cleaning station providing an area for site operatives or visitors.

The Conquip Boot Wash is a stand-alone boot cleaning station designed to clean off site operatives’ or visitors’ footwear before entering clean zones, such as site cabins or newly constructed buildings. The system has a raised anti-slip grated platform, with boot brushes, an integral water feed, hoses and hose spray guns.

Boot Wash Hire Request

  • Integrated water feed with compression fittings for up to three water hose spray guns.
  • Two sizes available, either a single bay or 3 bays.
  • Lightweight unit that can be flat packed for ease of transportation. Also has fork pockets, if required.
  • Fitted with holders for the spray guns to ensure that hoses are kept off the ground when not in use.
    Removable anti-slip grating for standing on and to allow mud and water to drain through into the sump below.
  • The drainage point is not right at the base of the tray to ensure that if the waste is contaminated it can be pumped out rather than draining straight into the ground.
  • The systems can be connected to provide a longer washing station.
SS600AC-00001 Single Bay 980mm 490mm 710mm 50kg
SS600AC-00003 Triple Bay 980mm 490mm 1600mm 86kg