Block Grab Forklift Adaptor

A forklift attachment to enable a Conquip Block Grab to be used with a forklift or telehandler.

The Conquip Block Grab Forklift Adaptor is a quick and easy method of adapting a crane lift Conquip Block Grab to be used with a forklift or telehandler to lift blocks and bricks.

This method is perfect for smaller sites and for speed, it also reduces swing of the load when in transit due to smaller handing distance.

Block Grab Forklift Adaptor Hire Request

  • This method reduces the need for a crane on site.
  • Ideal for moving palletised blocks and bricks short distances around site.
  • This method results in reduced swing of load, increasing safety and decreasing high danger zones on site.
  • The attachment is easy to fit to the forklift’s forks, secured with heel pins, and replaces the lifting eye on the block grab.
FA105-02000 250mm 840mm 525mm 2000kg 40kg

*Working Load Limit

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