4 Leg Chain Sling

A durable, hard-wearing lifting chain sling with 4 chain legs.

The Conquip 4 Leg Chain Sling is high weight capacity, extremely durable chain sling for lifting material and equipment with multiple lift points by crane, or a similar lifting apparatus.

The 4 chain legs are connected by one central master link. The chain ends are fitted with self-locking hooks and are supplied with shortener hooks.

  • Durable chain sling, which can be used for a multiple uses, from lifting equipment to transporting materials and goods.
  • Fully certified to all required lifting standards and regulations.
  • Supplied with shortener hooks to enable the length to be adapted.
  • Due to the central master link design, the load will always stay level and balanced.
  • A variety of chain grades and lengths available, providing a large range of capacities.
 CF4-8-1AX8  4000mm 8mm 4200kg
 CF4-10-1AX8  4000mm 10mm 6700kg
 CF4-13-1AX8  4000mm 13mm 11200kg
 CF6-10-1AX8  6000mm 10mm 6700kg
 CF6-13-1AX8  6000mm 13mm 11200kg

*Working Load Limit

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