Step aside old cage…. there’s a new cage on the block!

We’ve uprated our smallest Goods Cage so that it now has a Working Load Limit of 3000kg. In response to increasingly bulky and heavy lifts needing to be undertaken on site, we decided to redesign our cage to ensure it could be the workhorse on site that you need, for lifting heavy materials around site.

As the original Conquip Goods Cage has proven to be a reliable and safe method for bulk transportation of materials, the upgrade ensures the same levels of quality and safety while being capable of handling heavier loads.

All standard Conquip Goods Cages now have a Working Load Limit of 3000kg.

The Goods Cage is a safe, best practice method of transporting materials to and from high or low locations on site, compliant with safety regulations around lifting materials on site. It also means that you only need one lift plan for the cage for anything that will physically fit inside it, rather than a separate lift plan for all the different sized materials.