2020, a change of plan for INNOVATE

So, 2020 didn’t turn out how we expected *understatement*. 2020 was going to be our best year – a year of roadshows and events to bring people together to tackle real-life construction challenges.

Thanks to COVID-19, our events were put on hold! But, we’ve moved INNOVATE online. By releasing our product concepts through our social media channels and on our website, we’re speaking with people at the ‘sharp-end’ (on site) and hearing how could improve the concepts.

Time on our hands…

With the slowdown in construction, our design team have had some time in the past few months, to review ideas and concepts that we’ve had sitting in our design hub.

Using the downtime, we’ve been at the drawing board (well, at least a mix of Solidworks CAD software and Zoom meetings with customers and team), to bring concepts to market that save time, money and improve safety on construction projects.


Concept 1: Excavator Pipe Pusher

The Excavator Pipe Pusher is ideal for pipe laying projects as it ensures the excavator operator can ‘push pipes home’, reducing manual processes that involve personnel in the trench.

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Concept 2: Excavator Blade Skip

Transported using the blade, or the bucket on larger excavators, the Excavator Blade Skip is the perfect solution for moving materials, tools, attachments, or muck, easily around site.

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Concept 3: Excavator Compaction Wheel

Using the weight of the excavator to deliver force, the Excavator Compaction Wheel provides 5 x better compaction performance than trench rollers, or compaction plates.

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So, what is INNOVATE all about?

The main objective behind our INNOVATE campaign is to channel the feedback and requests we receive from you, our valued customers, and create solutions that will make construction processes quicker, simpler, safer, and more cost-effective.

Our first 3, all for the digger drivers…

However, if you’re not an excavator operator, don’t panic, there’s a lot more concepts coming for all types and stages of construction projects, everywhere.

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Let us know what you think?

What do you think about these concepts? Would the Pipe Pusher improve the safety of your project, the Blade Skip shift materials quicker on-site, or would the Compaction Wheel be more cost-effective than a trench roller? Please fill out the form below to provide us with your feedback, we welcome all comments, positive or negative!

How do I get involved in INNOVATE?

If you receive our emails then you’ll be notified for all future concepts, product launches and you’ll receive invites to any events that we throw in the future! If you’re not signed up you can do so here or follow us on social media (icons in our website footer).

However, if you have a good idea or have some content to share, get in touch by email [email protected]