Social Distancing in Practice

Following the impact of COVID-19, new government measures for social distancing in construction mean contractors have had to adapt processes to ensure they adhere to these guidelines. Luckily, the funnelled design of the Excavator Pouring Bucket provides accurate pour, ensuring no operatives are required in the discharge zone and social distancing can be achieved.

Taking social distancing seriously at M27 highways project

Since the government put the UK in “lockdown” to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, many construction projects as the contractors on site didn’t feel they could guarantee the safety of the workers on site, even with construction still being considered “essential” work that could not be “done from home”.

Fast forward a few weeks and we are slowly seeing more construction sites being reopened with strict social distancing measures in place and personal protective equipment being provided for the site operatives.

We talked with Sean Carney of Carney Construction about how they are managing the risks, alongside Bam Nuttall on the M27 highways improvement scheme, near Southampton.


Interestingly, Sean highlighted our Excavator Pouring Bucket as a key to helping "keep 2 metres social distancing on site" by removing the need of people working closely together at the concrete discharge zone.

He went on to say "the operator is impressed with it, it's doing 8 metres in about 10 minutes..."

We were excited that the Excavator Pouring Bucket, that we designed to improve efficiency and safety on site, is now helping to solve another challenge:  helping site operatives maintain a safe distance between their colleagues.


Importance of social distancing

Many health professionals and government officials around the world are urging the need for social distancing to help slow down the spread of COVID-19 and we at Conquip are very much in support of this measure.

Due to the fact that some of our manufacturing teams are currently involved in the production of emergency medical equipment, they are continuing to work in our UK facilities. To help raise awareness among the team we have issued the poster below to all the team involved.

Stay safe and keep social distancing!