Happy New Year 2020!

Team Conquip are “buzzing”, “excited” and ready to hit the ground running in 2020, a year that is promising to be a year of strong and positive growth for Conquip globally.

Watch the video to hear what happened on our KICK OFF 2020.

The Conquip KICK OFF 2020 is one of the only days of the year where the whole team is in one location, we had staff from our Stoke Depot and around the country at one venue to celebrate the start of 2020. It’s a great opportunity to hear about business plans for the new year, meet team players that we don’t normally meet in our day-to-day job roles and have an opportunity to discover new skills and recognise different strengths of team players.

It’s also a time when we realign ourselves with our Core Values and our team mantra: Quit Average, Be Extraordinary (which really sums up our attitude to our people and our customers).

This year was different to previous company events whereby the whole team worked on all the tasks and activities to gain points, to then release our mascot “Jack”.

We picked up many key points throughout the day including recognising other team players strengths, learning how to solve problems, and being able to review and learn from team activities. It’s important that we can work together well and make decisions quickly to ensure we can adapt to changing market conditions in the construction industry throughout 2020, so we look forward to more of these events.

"We have loads of big campaigns coming, I think that people are going to be really surprised with what we have in store."

Iveta Golkova, Digital Marketing Executive

"2020 with Conquip is going to be awesome, we’ve got new people on board, the team has increased in size and everyone has a new energy ready to kick off a great year."

Wade Devenish, Sales Support

"I’m really excited about 2020, all the opportunities that have come forward, all the ideas and new products that I can learn from to develop myself as a young engineer."

Aidan Wrightson, Apprentice Engineer