Autolock – How it’s Made


Video: Exclusive insight into our Autolock Factory

Autolock – Quality Manufacture by Conquip

Our Autolock Tipping Skips truly go a long way before they are ready to be distributed to our customers’ construction projects, but regardless of the number of processes in this journey, our in-house manufacturing team never compromise on quality.

In the video above you can see how we can handle a huge variety of skills and processes using in-house capabilities, right from design to delivery. Our production facility is a 24-hour operation, to ensure we can handle the demand of the UK construction industry.

Our products have always been recognised for their durability and reliability. We can only achieve this by having a committed team – commitment to training, compliance, up-skilling the team, communication, quality of materials we use, thorough quality control and continuous improvement.

Why buy Tipping Skips from Conquip?

1. Design

Our design is constantly being improved as a result of customer feedback to improve durability, safety and efficiency on site.

2. Build

We use quality raw materials and lean processes to ensure that we can manufacture a high volume of products to keep up with the demand of the construction industry. Our design and production team work together to ensure that there is minimum waste material – all waste steel is recycled.

3. Compliance

Our products are compliant with all relevant legislation and this is no different in case of Autolock.

  • ISO 9001 – Our processes are compliant with ISO 9001 which is a standard for quality management principles.
  • ISO 14001 –  We comply with criteria for an environmental management system as specified in ISO 14001.
  • ISO 18001 – Compliance with ISO 18001 demonstrates that a system for occupational health and safety is in place.
  • BS EN 287-1 – All our welders comply with BS EN 287-1 European Standard that defines the qualification testing of welders for the fusion welding of steels.
  • CSWIP 3.0 – Visual quality inspections are carried out by our welders holding the CSWIP 3.0 Visual Welding Inspection qualification.
  • CE – All our products are marked with CE indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area.

4. Customisation

We offer a variety of skips in different colours, in line with the civil engineer’s guide to waste segregation. This can help sites with waste management by having different coloured skips for plasterboard, hazardous waste or wood, for example. We also offer lifting eyes and castor wheels for ease of transportation on site.

5. Delivery

We deliver most of our equipment on our own transport, which is FORS Gold accredited and we are a CLOCS champion. Our transport team can easily assist you with working out the best time for your delivery and we are happy to work around any restrictions in delivery times. We also operate trucks with HIAB facility ensuring we can unload the equipment on site if you do not have lifting equipment available – this service is available on request.

6. After Sales Support

Even after we’ve delivered your equipment, we’ve still got your back! Our After Sales Support team can arrange regular 6 monthly on-site inspections and checks to ensure that your tipping skips are maintained and safe-to-use.