Kick Off Day 2019

Happy New Year 2019!

Team Conquip have kick started 2019 motivated, inspired and focused on achieving our company and personal goals.

Our first day back to work this year consisted of whole team get-together at Old Thorns Country Club, to hear about the business plans for the year, but more importantly, to discuss and take ownership of our personal development and well-being, ensuring that each team member can be the best they can be in 2019 and get the best experience by working at Conquip.

We enlisted the help of Energy 4U, a group of nutritional and well-being gurus, who spent time work-shopping easy fitness ideas and new dietary plans that everyone can adopt to help improve their day-to-day life.

Other team building activities, including an ‘egg-drop challenge’, were also carried out, which created a lot of laughter and allowed people to work with others from different departments that they wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to.

There was fantastic team spirit and great energy throughout the day, and we finished off the day with an inspirational presentation from Olympic Gold medallist Kriss Akabusi. Kriss is a former British sprint and hurdling athlete, winning numerous bronze, silver and gold medals throughout his athletics career at Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and other European and Worldwide Championships. No one could help being enthused by the inspiring stories that he shared with us of his own experiences and his famous, infectious laugh!

One of the lessons Kriss taught us is that it takes everyone in the team to win, everyone plays an important part, so we must support each other in our teams and encourage growth and positive mindset.

We’re all excited for the year ahead and are fired up to make it the best year yet!