World Quality Day 2018

How does Team Conquip deliver quality?

This year the key theme for World Quality Day is ‘Quality: A question of trust?’

We wanted to show how all of Team Conquip work together to play a vital role in building and sustaining trust for our team, our customers and our suppliers. Watch the video below.

Why is the 2018 theme: ‘Quality: A question of trust?’

Reputations are built on trust. Trust is a hard-earned commodity, yet one which can be squandered in a moment. Hardly a day goes by without reading about quality failure and its impact on the customers and stakeholders of organisations: Grenfell, Facebook, BP and VW to name a few.

Therefore, in 2018, our focus is on the role that everyone in an organisation plays in building trust for all stakeholders: customers, suppliers, staff, regulators, shareholders and society.

Here at Conquip, we recognise that quality is more than the quality of the products that we dispatch (although that’s incredibly important), it’s also the quality of the conversations we have with customers, suppliers or other team members and so much more…

Quality can be squandered in a moment…Grenfell, Facebook, BP and VW to name a few.

- World Quality Organisation

Why is quality so important for any company?

The quality of your product or service influences your company’s reputation. The growing use and importance of social media means that people can easily share both favourable and critical opinions of your quality.

A strong reputation for quality is always important but is even more so in markets that are very competitive. Poor quality of service or a product failure that results in a product recall campaign can create negative publicity and damage your reputation for a lengthy period.

Why is bad product quality such a problem?

Safety risk – many accidents on site are because of products failing or lack of attention to detail. It is normally a case of someone not having kept up their LOLER inspections or overloading the item but as a manufacturer of lifting equipment and materials handling equipment our products must be reliable and not faulty and relevant usage instructions must be available.

Increases and incurs costs – if you do something wrong first time it will always cost money to have to redo it, whether it’s time or materials. If a product was faulty or the design was bad, we may have to do a product recall which could be very costly and incurs downtime on site.

Devalues the brand – if the product is considered to be low-grade by our customers and partners they will start placing orders elsewhere and probably tell their friends or put it on social media. This could affect sales numbers and, in some cases, has made a business go bust.

Why are ISO Standards important?

ISO Standards are a series of frameworks that help run businesses effectively and for the good of all stakeholders. If a company is ISO certified, this is proof that they have been approved by an external body to comply to all the requirements of the standard.

As a key supplier of the construction industry, we care about quality in everything we do. By supplying equipment to help the industry reduce costs, reduce impact on the environment and improve safety on site and in the local community, we can be our clients’ partner of choice for projects around the world.

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