Commitment to Collaboration

Episode 10 Commitment to Collaboration.

The final episode of the Conquip Commitment series: Commitment to Collaboration.

Working together and drawing on experience from everyone involved in a project in a consultancy approach helps us provide expert advice and solutions that exceed customer expectations. Tabling solutions in a collaborative manner at an early construction stage helps our clients save time, become safer, and has a big positive knock-on effect on the local community.

“The customer is central to what I do. Each day starts with what does the customer want…”

- Simon Ham, Operations Manager | Projects Division

“Consultancy is a professional practice that gives expert advice in a particular field…so they can lean on professionals that have been there and done it.”

-  Jethro Knight, Technical Manager | Projects Division

“Everyone is in communication so that there is a smoother process throughout the whole construction phase.”

-  Magnus Muir, Commercial Manager | Projects Division

Thank you to our team members Simon, Magnus and Jethro for sharing your contribution to Conquip’s commitment. And thank you to all the other members of the team who feature and helped in the creation of this video.