Commitment to Efficiency

Episode 9  Commitment to Efficiency.

Episode 9 of the Conquip Commitment series: Commitment to Efficiency.

Efficiency is to use actions and decisions to achieve maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

In this episode, members of the team talk about accomplishments across various areas of the business where we practice efficiencies. Some examples of this include reducing time and material waste, working with partners that best suit our needs and having people in jobs that best suit their strengths.

As industry leaders, we are continuously looking to maximise productivity, without ever compromising on quality, with investments into new systems and innovations, and making opportunities to achieve more and deliver the best customer experience.

“Conquip has an ambitious plan for digital innovation and system development…empowering people to be extraordinary…we lead in customer experience.”

Matthew Woodcock, Business Systems Manager

“A partnership approach enables us to select suppliers that match our values and enable us to deliver on customer expectations.”

Reuben Fleet, Procurement Manager

“We don’t wait for opportunities, we make them.”

Rolfe James, Production Manager

Thank you to our team members Matthew, Reuben, Rolfe, Stephen and Julie for sharing your commitment, and all other members of the team who feature in this video.