Commitment to Change

Episode 8  Commitment to Change.

Episode 8 of the Conquip Commitment series: Commitment to Change.

In this episode, you will notice that we have given the video style a much fresher, cleaner look. We felt the old style needed a bit of an overhaul, it needed modifying. It needed ‘Change’!

We know that ‘change’ is often thought of as a negative thing because it results in the ‘unknown’, people often shy away from it. At Conquip, we know that it is absolutely necessary to be able to grow and adapt, to be able serve our customers in the best possible way, without compromising our core values.

As market leaders within the construction and civil engineering sector it is important that we are leading change within the industry. This is seen in our ongoing commitment to charitable causes, motivation of young people, encouraging more young people to join the industry, apprenticeships, personal development of our team and the general attitude towards construction.

We wanted to find out what change means to the team, how it makes them feel, and what they think of Conquip’s attitude towards it. This resulted in a lot of unique and enlightening answers so we wanted to share them with all of you.

“…it’s a positive thing…if you’re changing you’re always learning…at Conquip we’re always learning…”

Lauren Brown, Graphic Designer

“We recognise the need to adapt and work as a team to help each other improve and move forward.”

Kevin Ryall, Technical Manager

“…It’s really refreshing to be involved in a company that’s so open to change, leading change, and doesn’t push against it.”

Simon Tuckey, Goods In Manager

Thank you Lauren, Simon, Kevin and Slaney and all other members of the team who feature in this video.