Conquip at Revolve24
The Documentary

Celebrating the highs and lows, day and night. Our race for Cancer Research UK and cycle safety.

Conquip at Revolve24 2017. Our race to help beat cancer sooner and raise awareness of cycle safety. Sponsoring Cancer Research UK, in partnership with Careys.

What a day, what an achievement! Thank you to everyone who got involved – cyclists, donors, pit crew, truck demonstrators and everyone else who was at Brands Hatch that weekend in September.

The Day

We arrived at Brands Hatch on Friday afternoon with our cycling equipment, Conquip truck and lots of energy, ready to set up for the busy weekend. On Saturday the 2 teams of 4 cyclists from Conquip were joined and supported by a team from Careys – a close partner of ours in the construction industry – all cycling to raise money for Cancer Research UK, our chosen charity of 2017.

Ian Humphrey, Crossrail project driver trainer, was on site with the Conquip truck offering ‘exchanging places’ for visitors at Brands Hatch, to demonstrate the dangers of HGVs, and what cyclist should be careful of when in busy urban areas – raising awareness and consideration with cyclists and drivers alike.

The Results

  • An incredible 703 miles cycled in 24 hours,
  • £2,265 raised for Cancer Research UK, and a further £1,020 raised by Careys!

Watch our documentary to experience the highs and lows during the long 24 hours at Brands Hatch.

“…2 teams from Conquip, who are awesome supporters of CR UK… We’re extremely grateful for all the work they’re doing for CR UK, and all the work they’re doing around cycle safety too.”

- Kate, Cancer Research UK