Commitment to Safety

Episode 2  Commitment to Safety

Conquip Commitment series, Episode 2: Commitment to Safety. In August’s episode we give you an insight into some of the requirements and regulations that ensure the protection of our staff.  The video includes a broad overview from equipment deliveries, to manufacturing and carrying out testing.

Jonti Keenor, one our delivery drivers, discusses the safety features of the trucks.  He discusses the sensitivity sensors and cameras inside and outside of the truck, and why they are important to help him carry out his work.  We believe these features our important for ensuring that our drivers and other roads users are kept safe, especially vulnerable road users.

Considering the manufacturing processes, Sam Riddle, QHSE Assistant, explains how he looks after the staff well-being and accident records.

“I make sure we conform to all the standards and make sure all our customers and workers are happy.”

Thanks to Jonti, Mick, Sam, Stephen, Brandon, Cory, Richard, Daryl, James M who all feature in this episode.