Commitment to Quality

Episode 1  Commitment to Quality

As promised, bringing you the first episode of the Conquip Commitment series.  We’ve used July’s episode to showcase our Commitment to Quality, focusing on key people and processes across the manufacturing facility.

We spoke to Mick Collyer (Head of QHSE), about the importance of quality in the business and how the people of Conquip have invested their trust in the quality of manufacturing and processes

“All the guys buy into that, they want to help contribute and help develop the company”

Looking into part of the painting process in detail, we interviewed Andy Butler (Senior Paint Sprayer) to find out more about his role and why he feels it is important for the business.

“I’m the last person to see the final product, so I expect it to go out as if I want to buy the skip myself”

Thanks to Andy B, Mick, Dom, Dave, James, Sam L, Cory, Jonti, Piotr, Daryl, Sam R, Will, Rolfe, Dan and Joe who all featured in this episode.