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A durable temporary crane system designed to reduce total dependence on tower cranes on a project.

The CantiCrane can be used in conjunction with a CantiDeck crane loading platform to load materials and equipment in and out of a structure. They are most efficient when used with the Super Roller CantiDeck as they can be used to move materials between floors quickly and easily.

It is a common challenge that tower crane time is scarce. Using the CantiCrane can massively reduce the pressure on tower crane resource, speeding up project programmes and increasing productivity.

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  • It can be used in conjunction with CantiDeck by Conquip crane loading platforms for quick unloading of vehicles and building loadout.
  • Using a temporary crane system can massively reduce the dependency on the tower crane.
  • Durable system with a large lifting capacity of 2000kg.
  • 8 metres length extending boom.
  • Installation, training and ongoing maintenance can be provided by our on-site support team.