Powerbrush Forklift Sweeper

A hydraulic powerbrush forklift sweeper attachment that cleans and collects.

The Conquip Powerbrush is a hydraulic forklift sweeper that collects dirt and waste. It is super simple to use – watch the step-by-step ‘How To’ video below to get set-up.

Available in 2 types, Standard – Drip Feed, or Pressurised Water Spray, with an optional extras kerb brush, if required.

The simple, durable design makes the unit very inexpensive to maintain. The Powerbrush can be easily modified with an optional kerb brush for cleaning gullies and kerbs. It also incorporates a large water tank and dispenser bar for even distribution of water for dust suppression.



SA800-02100Standard - Drip Feed/ Pressurised Water Spray1260mm2340mm2180mm560kg148mm x 60mm250 litres
SA800-02100Standard - Drip Feed/ Pressurised Water Spray*1260mm2700mm2300mm585kg148mm x 60mm250 litres
*With Kerb Brush HYDRAULIC COUPLINGS Upon your enquiry, our team will be in touch to confirm the type of hydraulic couplings required with your Powerbrush to fit the machine on your site.