The Impossible Made Possible in Mayfair, London

5-9 Cork Street

Safe and efficient solution for rubble removal operating in tight residential street.


Kier, Deconstruct UK


Cork Street, London

bulkx for cork street project deconstruct
bulkx for cork street project deconstruct
bulkx for cork street proejct deconstruct
bulkx for cork street project deconstruct


A high profile, large scale construction behind a five storey, retained Georgian façade, opposite the prestigious Burlington Gate development. There was very limited space on site and only a temporary one lane road closure giving our partners Kier and Deconstruct UK a big problem:

  • Enabling safe transportation of demolition rubble over the large retained façade.
  • Operating on a tight, prestigious residential street.
  • Ensuring minimum dust and noise impact on the environment.


Our Consultancy Team were able to rapidly identify a way to reduce demolition time and increase site safety and efficiency.

“We managed to speak with our partners early in the project, which allowed time to get approval from Westminster City Council to use the Bulk-XTM system on the single lane road closure. It was crucial to plan early, to determine a system that worked with the crane capacity and road restrictions.” Jesse Long (Client Consultant, Conquip Engineering Group)

This early engagement with Deconstruct UK meant we were able to identify the BulkX as a solution, which delivered:

  • Effective discharge in a tight space
  • Safe transfer over the high façade
  • Minimal dust and noise pollution

The Bulk-XTM Excavation System we provided was a 4000 litre skip with a free standing, ‘Direct to Truck’ discharge gantry. The specific sizing was suitable for the single lane closure, crane capacity limitations and space restrictions. This allowed the trucks to reverse underneath the skip, enabling it to discharge directly.


  • Kier have recommended the Bulk-X™ Excavation System under their ‘UK blue top method’.
  • Kier gained recognition on the Considerate Constructors Best Practice Hub for reducing dust and noise pollution.
  • Full endorsement from Deconstruct UK of the BulkX system.

"The main benefit of the system is that it allowed us to fill waiting wagons quicker and more safely than traditional boat skips. This is possible because with the BulkX System it’s easy to position the skip at any point on the docking gantry. Once docked, all the crane driver and banksman need to do is lower off steadily. Once the load is discharged it is simply lifted back up to be re-filled, a lot quicker than using a boat skip where the lifting team need to make multiple adjustments for every discharge and it then requires re-setting horizontally before re-filling can commence.” “I would have no hesitation in using this system again. It is the perfect solution for loading loose demolition arisings quickly and safely via a crane."

Sam Peck, Operations Manager, Deconstruct UK