Every little counts with the Excavator Drag Skip

The Excavator Drag Skip might not look like the pinnacle of innovation but looks can be deceiving! It is hugely popular on-site, which is largely due to its minimal wastage and cost-saving benefits.

Sometimes referred to as ‘the stone-saver’, ‘bedding box’, or ‘shingle skip’, the flat-based skip, is predominately used to shift vast volumes of materials, such as; shingle, dry mix concrete, sand, saved material for back-fill, stone and other bulk aggregates, across site.

Typically, when a dump truck delivers materials to site, it discharges the load onto the ground, which on muddy sites, can mean these materials get buried in the mud. Plus, transporting the materials around site can lead to dump trucks getting stuck or damaged…introducing, the Excavator Drag Skip!

So, what are the benefits?

Firstly, the Excavator Drag Skip, as the name suggests, can be dragged to the desired location on site by an excavator. This not only prevents the potential wear to dump trucks, it also  reduces material wastage.

Secondly, due to running on tracks rather than tyres, excavators can move across challenging terrain far easier than a dump truck, which eliminates the possibility of it getting stuck, especially on particularly muddy, or waterlogged sites.

Finally, another handy benefit of the Excavator Drag Skip is for Trench Shoring projects. By dragging it alongside the trench, it is a fast and efficient method of removing any waste material from the trench, or back-filling the trenches with shingle, when laying pipelines.


Recent comments from our fans on social media

Brilliant things, on other firms I've had old waste type skips with I beam cross bars welded on to drag them around. Much better than beating a dumper to death”

Nigel Williams | Plant Operator

“I'm currently using 1 on a HMH CIVILS LIMITED job in redcar brilliant idea keeps my pipe bedding clean and with no wastage”

Dean Turnbull | Director at T&C Construction Ltd

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Our Excavator Drag Skip has a 7500 litre capacity and just one product from our fantastic range of Waste Skips. We also offer a great selection of Excavator Attachments to suit many applications.