Why to Work with Conquip

During the past 16 years, Conquip has been challenging the boundaries of the construction industry in UK, by supporting contractors and projects with an innovative, collaborative approach. We have, also quickly developed this reputation with construction professionals globally, having recently supported contractors in Dubai, Moscow, Canary Islands, Lille, Singapore, Serbia, just to name a few. Not to mention, our enduring partnership in Australia over the past 3 years, supporting some of Australia’s largest infrastructure projects, such as Sydney Metro and Melbourne Metro.

So, why do people work with us?

01 / Quality, Safety, Assurance

Across the whole business, our people are fully committed to and recognise the importance of quality in the business. In our manufacturing department, for example, our team is fully invested in delivering the same quality of product they would expect themselves when considering the purchase.

Safety first – this includes not only standard requirements our products complies with, but also safety of our clients who use the equipment and the protection of our own staff.

All our products pass through numerous types of rigorous function and quality tests to ensure that the result is always the highest quality, the best product and totally fit for the purpose. And it’s not only about our products. We provide our team with training so we only provide the best service available to our customers.


02 / Progression & Change

Progression to us means our commitment to progression of the company, where we have come from, how the ethos has maintained the same, but how technological advancements help improve speed and quality of our manufacturing and service to customers.

It is also about the commitment to the progression of the staff at Conquip – individuals’ development programs and encouragement of team development and attitude.

We understand that progression is not possible without change. Change, although often thought of as a negative prospect, because it results in the ‘unknown’, is absolutely necessary for us to be able to grow and adapt, to be able serve our customers in the best possible way, without compromising our core values.

As market leaders within the construction and civil engineering sector it is important that we are leading change within the industry. This is seen in our ongoing commitment to best safety practices, apprenticeships and personal development of our team and our hunger for innovation in construction.

03 / Efficiency

We believe that efficiency is paramount to create value for our customers, because as a more productive organisation we can turn around custom solutions quickly while not compromising on safety. Other ways that we create efficiency is by reducing time and material waste, working with partners that best suit our needs and having people in jobs that best suit their strengths.

04 / Collaboration

By drawing on experience from everyone across the various stages of a construction project help us provide expert advice and solutions that exceed customer expectations. Tabling solutions in a collaborative manner at an early construction stage helps our clients save time, become safer, and has a big positive knock-on effect on the local community.

If you’re interested in to find out more about the construction and civil engineering construction solutions that Conquip, please contact us or download our brochure.